Every Monday and Friday in Mason Alexander HQ we as a team sit around and discuss what we are all working on and how we can collectively improve as a firm. This is normally followed by some words of inspiration (I hope!) from me to encourage and challenge our young and talented team to make the most of their day.

Too many people I know or speak to spend their days in work counting down the hours until 5.30pm and don’t think about it again until 9am the next day. Although work shouldn’t consume you, it is a massive part of your life and I’m a true believer that to be fully satisfied in all areas of your life, you must be working towards numerous goals and be pushing yourself to maximise your potential.

From my own previous experience, I find a lot of companies really miss this point and expect employees to come in to work, nearly be thankful to have a job, and do nothing to inspire them. In Mason Alexander, it’s our mission to make sure that every person working with us feels stimulated, grows in confidence, and are given a platform to achieve extraordinary results. And above all, to be passionate about what they do.

Last Friday, I touched on a theme; ‘you get from life what you want from it’. I told the team about a story of a homeless person who asked a wealthy businessman for a euro; the businessman replied to the man and asked “is all you want €1” to which the man eagerly replied “yes just €1”. The businessman took out his wallet, which was filled with €50 notes and gave the homeless person a €1 coin. Naturally, with the amount of money he had just seen, the homeless man took the €1 with disappointment. Before walking away, the businessman turned to him and said “sir, you will get from life whatever you want from it”.

The moral to this story is that you generally get what you ask for, you are just not aware of how general you are being. Clarity is power. The more clear you are about exactly what you want and what you want to achieve, the more your brain knows how to get there. If you condition yourself to challenge and push yourself towards lofty and ambitious goals, then you will achieve them.

So that day and every day, I challenge my team and anyone reading this; what do you want to achieve today? Time goes quickly and days are short – do something that you will be proud of and do something that will be memorable. Be passionate and compassionate and strive to be the very best you can be; and be clear in your mind what that it is. As we have found here in Mason Alexander, it’s very powerful and you, your colleagues and your clients will benefit immensely from it.

Andrew Lynch

Managing Director

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