Mason Alexander is currently in the process of running global talent conferences. The point of these trips is to supply a shortage of skilled professionals to the Irish market – namely within the banking risk analytics space. Most recently, I took a trip to Warsaw in Poland where we were looking to speak with some of these candidates.

It was a hugely successful event that took a lot of preparation and hard work – but we achieved what we wanted from it. That was, selling Ireland as a location to live and work in, and pitch our economy as one with lots of prospects and opportunities. The feedback from attendees – both expat and local was fantastic and we are starting to see interest from a number of banks in bringing this talent to our shores.

With this overseas recruitment in mind – what stood out for me is how small Ireland really is. We are a fantastic country, with a progressive economy and a lot to offer as a place to live. However, the reality is the shortage of candidates within the current pool we are assigned is far too light to cater for the needs of many organisations looking to hire. This is not just an issue within the banking and financial services areas – it is across the board, and perhaps even more so in IT, pharma and engineering. The reason for this drought is primarily down to the mass exodus we experienced during the recessive years. Our graduates emigrated in search of roles that did not exist in Ireland and we are now experiencing the inevitable backlash; a lack of local talent in our market. It is not as simple as hoping that these individuals will come back – we need to bring them back home.

In the past year, our approach to recruitment has changed. Yes, we are still a relationship-driven, premium recruitment firm. However, we understand that many employers’ needs have switched focus and are looking abroad – be it to expats or international talent. Mason Alexander is now at the forefront of this recruitment change. We are running Talent Conferences in Madrid, Scotland, London, Chicago and New York in the coming months – and looking further afield for Q4 to the likes of Sydney and Hong Kong as potential locations to target. We have an immensely strong operation and team in Ireland, and we are challenging the recruitment industry through new innovative ideas.

Eoin Connolly


If you would like to inquire about any of the events we are hosting, please contact Eoin on 01-6854414 or email

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