One of our aims in Mason Alexander is to make the working day as productive, as successful and as fun as possible. I’m a true believer that if you are in an environment that you enjoy, then you will ultimately be more passionate about your work and the results you produce will be better. With the constant pressures of financial stress, hitting targets, beating the competition and so on, it is sometimes hard to have this dynamic and employers and employees fall in to a negative way of thinking and start disliking what they do.

This is a dangerous habit to get in to and something that I have to battle with on a daily basis to make sure the team and I are working to our highest output so that our clients are the benefactors of our best work. I have always found that the more proactive and more I’m enjoying what I am doing, the more successful I have been. When you have this, work stops becoming work and starts becoming a passion.

We like to incorporate daily and weekly activities in MA HQ, but we also like to go a step further and really celebrate after a month if it has gone well. This has seen us take on lots of different challenges like go-karting, clay pigeon shooting, table tennis competitions etc… and whilst they do get fiercely competitive, they are great fun and we normally find ourselves talking about them weeks after the event.

Last Friday, we decided to have a BBQ in one of a team member’s house which couldn’t have fallen on a better day given the weather and the bank holiday. We didn’t do a huge amount (other than me slaving away on the BBQ!) but it was great to get out of the office, have some fun, and unwind after a busy month. And of course there were a few games to get the competitive edge going!

Building a team and having some great individuals is easy; building a team spirit is not and it’s something that must be embraced and worked on. We are lucky in MA that we have a group of people who all get on really well and enjoy each other’s company. You still have to come in to work on a Monday morning – but it’s nice to spend the day with people you like and who you are excited to see and spend the day with.  And that’s what creates a productive, successful and fun workplace.

We are always looking for people who want to be successful and work in an enjoyable environment. If that’s you, drop me a line.

Andrew Lynch

Managing Director



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