Mason Alexander offers a 4 step programme to guide athletes who are transitioning from sport into business. We will help you maximise your success in interviews, define your career aspirations and make a targeted plan of companies and people to approach.

1. CV preparation

A person’s CV is a short bio that will be a factor in a company wanting to meet them or not. It won’t get them a job, but it will open the door for interviews. It is incredible that such an important document is written and presented so badly by a lot of people. Knowing where to start and how to structure it can be tricky, and Mason Alexander provide a ‘best in class’ template for each individual to make sure they really highlight their key attributes.

2. Interview preparation

An interview gives you an opportunity to sell yourself to a company and to show then why you would be an asset to them. It is important to know what to say, how to say it and to pitch yourself in the right way. Researching the company is a must and tailoring your experience to the position. An interview is a two way process and you must be going in with the mind-set that you want to find out if this is the right opportunity for you and the only way to do this is to ask informed questions.

3. Applying for a role

A lot of people go about this the wrong way. Sending your CV to an online application can be akin to sending it to a black hole. Mason Alexander is on hand to put opportunities you forward for opportunities with their clients. It is also very important to be using your time wisely to network. Networking is a skill in itself and having a list of targets and an action plan is essential; Mason Alexander can help you every step of the way with this.

4. Career Planning

One of the biggest challenges facing athletes who are transitioning into business is to understand what job and industry would best suit their attributes. Our Career Planning programme includes consultation and personality questionnaires which provide a detailed insight into yourself thus helping you to reach your full career potential.

Benefits of using MA Sports Career Development Services

  • You will have an optimum CV that will stand out amongst other applicants
  • You will have a strategy for interviews and will approach them with confidence
  • You will have an action plan to target roles and companies you wish to work for
  • Understand the importance of networking and how to do it
  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and find the best career path for you

If you wish to enquire about our course, please contact James Cluskey on 01-6854414 or email